My Solemn Pledge

By October 20, 2018issues

My solemn pledge to the taxpayers and residents of Abbotsford

Today the Eric Nyvall Campaign for Mayor releases its costed and committed pledges. I promise that I will
do what I can to advocate for these issues. I do not pretend to speak for the view of council and at this
time I have no idea what the composition of our 8 future council members will be. Given that I cannot
count on their future support I will consider my commitment to Abbotsford fulfilled if I put each individual
item to council for a vote at some point during my 4 year mandate. If I do not fulfill my pledge to
Abbotsford I will not run for re-election in 2022 as I’d be too embarrassed. If I do not fulfill my pledge but
did run for re-election I’d suggest all those who counted on my support to attend the debates and scream
“shame” every time I open my mouth.

  1. Environmental pledges: introduce LED street lights throughout the City, introduce 20 electrified vehicles to
    the city’s vehicle fleet, retrofit city buses to natural gas, bring back glass recycling to neighborhoods and to
    the door when the next 5year waste contract is up for renewal, show leadership and bring Chilliwack,
    Langley, Surrey & Delta together to advocate for the Rail for the Valley. Capital cost = $7,910,000. Annual
    cost savings from investment in new technologies = $1,100,000. Annual recurring costs for glass to be paid
    by the $1M yearly grant the city receives from MMBC.
  2. January 2019 to bring certainty to Ledgeview Golf Course. No longer wait for the Kinder Morgan community
    contributions. The money will come when the pipeline starts. The City can move Ledgeview forward but
    wait for the receipt of funds. The City will bridge finance(the Kinder Morgan money) the Ledgeview
    construction to build the clubhouse. – Yearly recurring cost $nil, capital cost $nil, however if the Kinder
    Morgan pipeline never gets build the City will absorb the $2.6M bridge financed portion.
  3. Fix 10 years of broken promises and make Delair the home of Abbotsford baseball. Repurpose the existing
    fields and create added baseball access. A caveat here is if better arrangements can be identified elsewhere
    I reserve the right to be open minded and work with baseball, the community/neighbors and other user
    groups. – added yearly costs $nil, capital cost $1,150,000.
  4. Enable our small business community and start a new conversation on economic development. Waive the
    annual business license fee. Annual recurring cost $800,000.
  5. Police: Add 4 new officers to the gang taskforce unit, add 3 full-time officers as school liaisons at Hansen,
    Mouat & Abby Sr, add mental health support for emergency calls known as Car67. Further, fund after
    school programs to protect young boys from the influence and recruitment into gangs and to provide
    positive leadership and mentorship. Annual recurring cost $1,625,000.
  6. Provide a place for the homeless to stay. Use that new site availability to prohibit homeless camping in
    parks and on the streets. The capital cost of land could be as high as $10M. That is less concerning for me
    because if the plan does not work or a future mayor wishes to undo this progress the city will still own the
    land and we all know how bare land investment has worked in the Fraser Valley over the past 25 years. I
    have budgeted $500,000 per year in recurring annual costs for maintenance, security and clean-up of the
  7. I will not support taxpayer money subsidizing a hockey team at the Abbotsford Centre. I pledge the City
    would organize a ticket drive to prove the demand for the Canucks farm team and use that to bolster the
    City’s negotiating position with the Vancouver Canucks. Annual cost $nil.