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Win the war on gang crime! Get this done.This is a total absense of leadership in Abbotsford. This video supplements…

Posted by Eric Nyvall For Mayor Of Abbotsford on Monday, October 8, 2018

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This is a total absense of leadership in Abbotsford. This video supplements a post I made this morning. If this video and post bother you than you must vote for change on October 20. Eric Nyvall as Mayor would never tolerate this level of inaction and poor results.

It was only after Feb 2017-Aug2017 that our streets were a bloodbath with shoots and murders that by Jan2018 we are “about to start a gang taskforce.” Folks – an absence of leadership.

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Fighting crime in Abbotsford – too little, too late

Please see the attached article posted in the AbbyNews in January of 2018. So the article is only 9 months old.

In it there are a couple of very difficult things to read. Abbotsford recorded 9 murders in 2017. 9 murders / our 140,000 population = 6.43/100,000 people. That is the effect of removing Mission’s population and 1 single murder from the CMA recording area. Measured on its own, Abbotsford’s murder rate would be higher than the 5.8/100,000 people posted in Thunder Bay(As per quoted by the AbbyNews). Thus, Abbotsford was the MURDER CAPITAL OF CANADA in 2017.

Next – this is tough to read. Only AFTER becoming the murder capital does Abbotsford start an anti-gang taskforce. Yes, that’s true. Abbotsford need’s new leadership overseeing the Police Department. For that, you need a new Mayor. Elect Eric Nyvall on Oct 20th. This brutal quote in the AbbyNews article clearly states(from APD spokesman Casey Vinet) that it was “soon to be forming a gang crime unit, with a focus on intervening and suppressing gang activity…….”

So just to be clear – from Feb 2017 to Aug 2017 Abbotsford suffers from 7 gang murders. Bullets flying EVERYWHERE and its 5 months later(In Jan 2018) that Abbotsford is “soon to form a unit” to deal with it.

Abbotsford needs new leadership over the Police Department. Let’s get this done!

Abbotsford-Mission region records 10 murders in 2017