Eric Nyvall for Mayor

Bringing balance, fairness and energy to City Hall

My campaign will address the economic pocketbook issues that families stress about everyday. I will address the physical security concerns of many families that do not feel safe in their neighborhoods. I will offer the most progressive and responsible environmental policy ever to be put forward at City Hall. By championing these causes I will work for the residents of Abbotsford and make government work for them on an individual basis that will make their lives better.

I believe that the foundation of any thriving community should include education, the arts, shopping and recreation.  If we want to attract strong companies to the area with better jobs, we must work to enhance and expand these categories.

This will make Abbotsford a better place for all families, including my own!

Most importantly, the primary role for the mayor should be to be an advocate for ALL people of the city. There are many issues that will come before us in the next four years. They include basic items like our community plan and how we will develop our city as we grow…and how we will do that fairly. We also face facility and infrastructure challenges as we see demand for services and housing increase along with our population. In addition, we need to strengthen and diversify our community economic foundations to bring more jobs to Abbotsford.

May 30, 2018 in issues

Announcing my Candidacy for Mayor of Abbotsford

For Immediate Release ERIC NYVALL ANNOUNCES CANDIDACY FOR MAYOR OF ABBOTSFORD Pledges to Bring Community & Business Experience, Sound Judgment, and Fairness to Office Abbotsford, British Columbia – Wednesday, May 30, 2018 – Eric Nyvall of Abbotsford, Chartered Professional Account and owner of Nyvall & Associates , Director – Abbotsford…
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